By Dipanwita Saha

What do you do with your life once you get your final degree from the University? Especially when you come from a middle-class family, being the only child? You should run behind the best possible job, settle down, and follow everyone else. Be like others! But there were other realities too. I was born in India, a country of unjust, extreme poverty, which is class and cast divided, a regional superpower, having a racist religious party in power. The secular India that my grandparents used to talk about was long gone by the time I had my first cigarette. I remember the December nights of 2014- when I had the inner battle going on in my soul. I had to be like others, or I had to find a way to live a ‘bigger’ life. I chose the latter one- I became a photographer.

My art practice as a photographer has persistently engaged with the socio-ecological impacts of industrial practices on marginalized communities and the repercussions of climate change on biodiversity. My work seeks to explore the multifarious dynamics of geological exploitation and its relation to larger problems of cultural ecosystems and social discrimination in India.

Grant | Awards | Fellowship

2021 – Direct Look Photo Award

2020 – Ian Parry commended award

2019 – Photography Fellowship by “Water Aid – India”

2018 – Social Documentary Photography Grant by ‘Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communications & Murth Nayak Foundation’, New Delhi

2018 – Documentary Photography Award by ‘International Academic Forum’, Japan


2019 – “Death Valley” – ‘Polyphony International Polyphony Photo Festival’, Kolkata

2018 – “Death Valley” – ‘Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

2017 – “Death Valley” – ‘Just another Photo Festival’, Kolkata


2022 – Mongabay India

2021 – Mongabay India

2021 –

2021 – Mongabay India

2021 –

2020 – Mongabay India

2020 – FirstPost

2020 –

2020 – India Development Review (IDR) 

2020 – India Water Portal

2020 – India Water Portal

2020 – India Water Portal

2019 – Classic Imaging [Print]

2018 – People’s archive of rural India, India

2018 – BBC India

2018 – The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times [Print]


2013 – Diploma in Photography from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math

2016 – Bachelor in Commerce [ Hons.] from Burdwan University, India

2016 – Diploma in Graphic Design from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math

2017 – International Student Exchange Program, RKM Vidyamandira And Counter Foto, Dhaka

2019 – Professional Photography Program, Counter Foto, Dhaka